We’re Building Supportive Community Networks for Seniors

If you're a senior, there are people in your neighbourhood that want to make your life a little bit easier.

Request a care package

How does Kind Neighbour work?

Kind Neighbours is an informal volunteering program - which means there’s no sign-up, no requirements, and no commitment. Just a desire to do good deeds for your neighbours and help build community for Calgary’s seniors.

Care Package

If you're a senior and want to join in on the campaign, you can start by requesting a Kind Neighbour Care Package! We'll deliver a small bag of goodies and resources to get you involved in the campaign.

Do You Need More Support?

Kind Neighbours is an informal program that hopes to bring communities closer together. But if you're a senior that needs more support and regular attention, please contact the Calgary Seniors Resource Society and we'll connect you with the volunteers and services that you need.

The Calgary Seniors Resource Society can help with:

  • Urgent Services
  • Volunteer Support
  • Social Work Support

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