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Kind Neighbour

Building a better community for Calgary’s seniors starts with you. Kind Neighbour is a simple initiative that includes and inspires all Calgarians to do good deeds for their aging neighbours. And you can be a big part of it.

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We believe in inclusive communities, where we care for our aging neighbours by cultivating, coordinating, and providing personalized support.

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Questions About
Kind Neighbour

What is Kind Neighbour?

Kind Neighbour is a city-wide initiative designed to strengthen Calgary neighbourhoods and inspire positive action on a person-to-person level, with a focus on increasing awareness and understanding of the needs of older persons on their aging journey.

How does it work?

Kind Neighbour is an informal volunteering program - which means there’s no sign-up, no requirements, and no commitment. Just a desire to do good deeds for your neighbours and help build community for Calgary’s seniors.

How do I get started?

Right here! Go to our corkboard to find some inspiration for what you can do in your community, and contribute some of your own ideas, too.

How do I connect a senior?

If you know a senior that would benefit from some community support, request a care package for them and a Kind Neighbour will drop by to say hello. If you need more formal services, please contact the Calgary Seniors Resource Society.


of Calgarians agree the city needs more services for seniors.


of seniors in Calgary live alone; double that of the general population.


of Calgarians feel that the city is a good place to grow old.


Only 2 out of 3 people over 70 in Calgary feel comfortable asking their neighbours for help.

Fresh From the Community

Our Community Association distributed 60 Muskoka chairs in greenspaces. They inspired people to come, sit, and belong. Residents sat and chatted with people they had never met before. All ages appreciate them. It was a fabulous project. Can't wait to see them out again in the spring! #ActivateYYC

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Growing up my family was really close with our neighbours! We were always there for each other, and even though they have moved cities we still talk to them all the time and stay in touch. It was great to grow up knowing most of the people on my street!

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Our neighbour kindly mowed our lawn while we were away on the weekend! What a treat to come home to! Having kind neighbours is the BEST!

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I think it's amazing how such simple acts to us, can be so very helpful to someone who needs our help. It's very rewarding to be there for [our neighbours].

– Current Calgary Seniors Volunteer

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Make A Senior’s Day

Through small acts of kindness, we can make senior’s lives a little easier and their days a little brighter. Sign up to send a care package to a senior in your neighbourhood, and visit the corkboard for more good deed inspiration!

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