Frequently Asked Questions

How does Kind Neighbour work?

Kind Neighbours is an informal volunteering program - which means there’s no sign-up, no requirements, and no commitment. Just a desire to do good deeds for your neighbours and help build community for Calgary’s seniors.

What is the Kind Neighbour Campaign?

What is Kind Neighbour?

Kind Neighbour is a city-wide initiative designed to strengthen Calgary neighbourhoods and inspire positive action on a person-to-person level, with a focus on increasing awareness and understanding of the needs of older persons on their aging journey.

How do I get started?

Right here! There are many ways to get involved in the campaign. Join our monthly Neighbour Activity and receive ideas and goodies that will help you get started. Sign up here.

How do I get ideas for how to help?

Go to our corkboard to find some inspiration for what you can do in your community, and contribute some of your own ideas, too.

Who is the Calgary Seniors Resource Society?

We blend social work, urgent support, and a coordinated network of volunteers who provide the depth of care and connections that create meaningful and effective change in seniors’ overall well-being and quality of life.

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How Can I Get Involved?

Sign up for our newsletter

Join our newsletter and you'll receive monthly prompts, ideas, and goodies that will help you become a Kind Neighbour!

Send a senior a care package

If you know a senior that would benefit from some community support, request a care package for them and a Kind Neighbour will drop by to say hello. If you need more formal services, please contact the Calgary Seniors Resource Society.

Sign up for the monthly neighbour activity

Join in on our monthly neighbour activity and start engaging with your neighbours! This month you can receive a Kind Neighbour decal to display in your home window to signify you are neighbour friendly :)

Recognize a Kind Neighbour

Celebrate someone for being a Kind Neighbour! Fill out the form and we'll send them your note of thanks and a small token of appreciation.

Volunteer with Calgary Seniors

The Calgary Seniors Resource Society has formal volunteering programs that connect seniors with community members for a specific purpose. If you’re looking to get involved, visit our volunteers page and find the program that’s right for you.