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Our Community Association distributed 60 Muskoka chairs in greenspaces. They inspired people to come, sit, and belong. Residents sat and chatted with people they had never met before. All ages appreciate them. It was a fabulous project. Can't wait to see them out again in the spring! #ActivateYYC

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Growing up my family was really close with our neighbours! We were always there for each other, and even though they have moved cities we still talk to them all the time and stay in touch. It was great to grow up knowing most of the people on my street!

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Our neighbour kindly mowed our lawn while we were away on the weekend! What a treat to come home to! Having kind neighbours is the BEST!

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Love our new Kind Neighbour window decal!!

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There are many kind neighbours in Cedarbrae!! There is an active Monday morning coffee group that meets at Cedarbrae Community Centre on Mondays at 10 am - all seniors are welcome. You do not have to live in Cedarbrae. Closed on holiday Mondays so next date is Sept 11.

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Got my neighbour decal!


Hi I work on mobility issues in my community. For seniors were trying to illuminate, tripping hazards on sidewalks ensure our sidewalks are properly remediated. We are also trying to get longer times to cross the street at signalized intersections.

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We've got our Kind Neighbour decal up! Get yours here:

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Always love finding the painted rocks in the neighbourhood ❤

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From a passing conversation with my neighbour down the hall I learned that she was having trouble sorting out our building's hose system to water her flowers, so I spent half an hour helping sort it out. You can learn a lot from a quick friendly chat!

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Both me and my elderly neighbour love to read. I make sure to ask her about what she is reading - so that we can swap stories and even our favourite books. Having something you need to return ensures we don't go too long without seeing one another.

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Some neighbour kindness inspiration!

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